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So THAT’S How They Do It: Timelapse Video Of Giant Snowboarding Superpipe.

  Behold!  In just 60 seconds, through the magic of interwebs-o-vision, you too can witness the passing of 18 days as the goodly snowelves of Copper Mountain build this incredible contraption. This twenty-two foot superpipe is constructed and painstakingly crafted by molding and shaping great mounds of snow with the delicate, earth rumbling motions of giant Snow-Cats (seen here –… [read article]

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Where’s Xavier? Snowboarding Madman Releases ‘This Is My Winter’. This Is The Insane Trailer.
Xavier de Le Rue

  Wow, just… wow.  French Olympic snowboarder Xavier de Le Rue spent last year from November to March recording and posting bi-monthly webisodes called Timelines.  He has now released the trailer for his new movie, This Is My Winter, which follows de Le Rue as he seeks out some of the most extreme and mind blowing rides in Europe during… [read article]

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Danny Kass Tripping on Bad Mustard And Snowboarding A Hotdog = Best Commercial Ever.
Danny kass

  Confession time.  This was going to be a post about Nike’s new ‘Danny Don’t Know‘ commercial starring snowboarding superstar and radical dude Danny Kass.  Nike has consistently set the bar for sports apparel commercials, but sometimes its the smaller sport’s spots that really get to shine.  Danny rides for Nike Snowboarding and because action sports are so much more… [read article]

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Most Radical Snowboarding Ever in Brain Farm’s The Art of Flight
Screen Shot 2011-09-05 at 3.39.41 AM

It’s Labor Day Monday, start your week with something superlative. This new trailer for Brain Farm’s The Art of Flight is exactly that. As they so boldly claim, “Snowboarding Will Change Forever” on the release of the film. After watching the trailer, I’m inclined to believe the hype. With extremely advanced cinema tools, the Brain Farm crew captures some of… [read article]

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Snowboarding Video ‘Alive’ Featuring Gigi Ruf Awesome, Cheesy.

  All extreme sports videos are getting higher and higher production values and this video featuring the Burn Units is close to the pinnacle.  It’s called ‘Alive’ and features sick night riding filmed in Austria.  The video was shot on RED One cameras and is lit only by moonlight and a few electric lights carted up into the backcountry. The… [read article]

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Boarding Volcanos
volcano riding

This crew of snowboarders heads to Chile, famous for its summer skiing, to tackle a volcano and in the process they capture some really beautiful mountain riding as well as a great trip. A nearby volcano has recently erupted, showing that trips like these are truly a snapshot of an ever changing environment– or simply an ability to temporarily ward… [read article]

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