We’re not really sure what’s more amazing here: the crazy survivalist splitboard snowboard that splits into not only skis for backcountry ascents – but also a shovel for digging out snow caves; or the awesome life that the guys at Signal Snowboard are living.

The video above shows the dreaming up, creation, and riding of the crazy Swiss-army-board.  It’s got everything a backcountry snowboarder could need: compass, saw blade, flint for starting fires, shovel for digging out caves. This thing is kinda like the snowboarding equivalent of one of the clubs Stefan from SNL is always talking about.

The cool thing about this video and the guys at Signal is that they do a different crazy project like this every month.  It seems like an awesome place to work and they are clearly having the time of their lives.  Check out the video above and head over to their YouTube channel to watch more.


(via Gizmodo)

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