We’ve been awed all week at the history-making US Bobsled team.  The bobsled and skeleton athletes from the good ol’ US of A have won medals so far in every event – including the first-ever gold medal in the men’s 2-man won by Steve Holcomb and Steve Langton.

Maybe you at home are sitting there thinking “Hey, that doesn’t look too bad, maybe I could make the team.  I’d just have to push a little and enjoy the ride.”  Well, before you start making room for your Olympic medals, check out this video of star brakeman ‘Super’ Steve Langton training on the box jump.

Langton is regarded by every athlete we’ve spoken to as nearly superman in his natural ability.  Langton is a 6’2″, 230lbs sprinting machine.  Like many bobsled athletes, he’s a former track athlete.  He’s the champion in the inaugural Push Start World Championships.  And he can leap onto a 62″ box from a standing start – that’s over 5 feet.

So, before you decide to sell your house and move to Lake Placid, NY to become a bobsledder.  Test yourself first: Can you jump over Snooki, with her pouf, from a standing start?  No?  Don’t quit your day job.

Watch the finals of the bobsled 4-man competition tomorrow morning to see if Steve Langton and the rest of the ‘Night Train’ can make hold their lead and bring home the world championship title!

2012 FIBT Bobsled 4-man Final 9am EST live!

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