Arthur Cadre is a French break dancer and Yoga master (yeah, we don’t know that for sure, but c’mon, just watch this guy).  Sure, this isn’t really a sport in the sense that we usually cover, but if it’s inspirational, we’ll put it up – and this video makes us want to stretch.

Cadre is an amazing athlete in his own right and the song, AWOLNATION’s Sail is the same one used in Jeb Corliss’ amazing wingsuiting video.

So limber up and get out your skinny jeans – it’s breakin’ time.



Want to hear this song in a just-as-incredible-slightly-more-terrifying video, re-watch this CRAZY video of Jeb Corliss nearly dying in a wingsuit:

Jeb Corliss Wingsuiting Almost-Crash!!!

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