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What’s harder?  UFC fighting or NCAA wrestling? According to UFC fighter and former NCAA D1 wrestling champ Josh Koscheck, collegiate wrestling is “10 times harder” than fighting in the Octagon.

Koscheck was hanging out at the National United Wrestling Association for Youth ‘Freakshow’ tournament to cheer on his nephew when the folks at caught up with him to talk about his own experience growing up wrestling. When asked why wrestlers are so competitive on the fight scene right now, Koscheck credits the ‘Wrestling mentality’ that is ingrained from an early age to fight and grind and win. When asked whether fighting or wrestling is harder, Koscheck said:

Wrestling… On Tuesdays – it’s the worst day of the week for me, I absolutely dread going in to wrestling training because I know the rest of the week I’m going to be miserable and sore – wrestling is ten times harder than fighting.


UFC Fighters are humble!  Check THIS story out:

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