Wow, just… wow.  French Olympic snowboarder Xavier de Le Rue spent last year from November to March recording and posting bi-monthly webisodes called Timelines.  He has now released the trailer for his new movie, This Is My Winter, which follows de Le Rue as he seeks out some of the most extreme and mind blowing rides in Europe during one of that continent’s worst winters.  This trailer is coming out just in time to get you excited about the early snowfall that just swept across the western US – so get pumped.

It is brutal to watch some of these descents – these guys ride off of massive walls of shear ice and if they don’t make it they tumble like a rifle ball.  Like so many of these action movies there is heavy use of first person video to give viewers a feel for what it’s like to be the guy looking over the precipice.  The movie will be released in mid-November on Transworld Snowboarding.


Snowboarders aren’t always plunging off of huge cliffs, sometimes they trip on bad mustard like this:

Danny Kass Tripping On Bad Mustard And Snowboarding A Hotdog = Best Commercial Ever.

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