(Clarissa Chun in blue at the Beijing Olympics, Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) 


Yesterday we introduced you to Clarissa Chun, who is currently competing at the world championships in freestyle wrestling in Istanbul, Turkey.  She had a good run, but unfortunately her chase for a second world title in the 48kg weight class has come to an end.  She just missed qualifying for the bronze medal round but was bested in repechage by Jyldyz Eshimova-Turtbayeva of Kazakhstan to finish in 7th.

According to a press release by USA wrestling (and posted on TheMat.com):

The defensive-minded Kazakhstan wrestler [Eshimova-Turtbayeva], who Chun beat in the 2008 World finals in Tokyo, Japan, won ball draws in the first and third periods before finishing in the leg clinch to win the match 1-0, 0-1, 1-0. Chun went 3-2 on the day.

Chun’s loss was a double blow because top six in the world earns an Olympic spot for your country so a victory over the Kazakh would have guaranteed the US a spot in the 48kg class.

The US team also failed to win a medal in Greco-Roman wrestling, which concluded last night.

For full results, check out TheMat.com

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