This is our first of many athlete contribution which bring you inside the lives of the best athletes in the world. Giddeon Massie is a member of the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Teams in the sport of Track Cycling. When I first met him, we were in Colorado springs at the Olympic training center and he was crushing a wind trainer so hard I thought the fly wheel bearings were actually going to explode. Track cyclists are the only sport that seem to have bigger legs than speedskaters. I’m honored that he has decided to share a day of his life with us.

Tonight, in Allentown, PA Giddeon is going to be competing in the US Sprint Gran Prix at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center. This event is one of series of events at that venue that draws hundreds of spectators every week to watch track cycling. We are going to have a post up in a few hours giving more information but first I wanted to show you the life of an Olympic Track Cyclist. Thanks Giddeon.

Giddeon Massie
Age: 29
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 210 lbs
Member of 2004 and 2008 Olympic Teams
Pan-Am Games Gold and Silver Medalist (’03)

16x US Champion (!)


In his words:

US Track Cycling Champion Giddeon Massie - click for larger

“I specialize in the Sprint disciplines. A typical week includes 4 days a week on the Velodrome and 2 days a week in the gym not including various other conditioning work on and off the bike. Track (velodrome) sessions last up to 3hrs, while the gym can be up to 2hrs. Okay, so it may not sound too bad. But think about this; we are traveling up to 50mph on single speed bikes, with no brakes, on an oval track (surface is wood or sometimes concrete) with banked turns ranging from 28 degrees, up to 48 degrees in some cases! If you catch us in the gym, you might mistake us for Olympic weightlifters with the amount of weight we are throwing around. My favorite day is generally a 2-a-day spent in the gym and on the track. Expect a heavy gym session in the legs with single and double leg exercises, plyometrics, core and light upper body in the morning. A bit of a rest and lunch, and then 4x 500meters over-gear on the track, sometimes with a lead in by a motorbike to bring us up to speed. Quality is key for each effort. A workout like this is usually at the end of the week, so residual fatigue has set in, which makes this day just brutal. But I look forward to these days. They are the ones where you have to challenge your mind and body to perform when every muscle is screaming at you to quit.”

-Giddeon Massie

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